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Captain's bLog, stardate 010515.1

This is a "first" for me--creating a blog. "Blog" is a word that has perplexed me for some time. I remember my reaction the first time I heard the term "blog." Blog. Blog? What on earth is that? 

I soon figured out that a blog was an electronic, personal log. "Log" was a word that I was well acquainted with having watched countless episodes of "Star Trek" in the 60s and hearing James Kirk's weekly dialogue that included the familiar, "Captain's log...." So, I came to understand that a "blog" is a journal. But, the letter "b" attached to "log" continued to stump me.... Does it stand for "biography"? That would make no sense--a biography is written about someone else. So, that theory proved invalid. 

Having a "thirty-something" son, who relies relentlessly on GOOGLE, I decided to follow his example and GOOGLE the origin of the word "blog." I happily discovered that "blog" is a shortened version of Web Log. Finally, after many years of utter confusion, I am creating my first "blog" entry with total clarity. 

I wonder if Capt. Kirk would approve? Once I've mastered "blogging", perhaps I can learn to perfect another of Capt. Kirk's weekly practices. "Beam me up, Scotty." Hmmm. Think GOOGLE has a "how to" on that?

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